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Two Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Be A Page and Not a Friend

As a business owner working hard to market yourself, you’ve taken a great deal of time and spent countless hours…

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Paid Search Ads vs. Organic Search

So a friend of mine asked an innocent question.  What’s a paid search ad and where do they show up?

Well Shelley,…

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A Story About Relationships & Linkbuilding

Here’s a good question about SEO and linkbuilding.  If you’ve been put in charge of your site’s link building…

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Analytics, SEO, PPC, or Social Media: Take The Poll

Website Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Marketing, or Social Media.  As an auto dealer, which is…

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How A Ford Dealer Might Leverage OEM Content

If I was a Ford dealer, I would be leveraging content produced by my OEM as much as I could.  Here’s a situation…

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Local Search Issues With A Chevrolet Dealer

Here is an interesting issue with local search.  Local search results for [Kennewick Chevrolet] show Bill McCurley…

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The Top 10 DOs & DON’Ts for Auto Dealers & SEO

There are many components and aspects to consider when implementing an SEO strategy for you dealership’s website.

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Social Media Sites Are Robbing You Of Link-Building Opportunities

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr are excellent sites for uploading pictures and videos.

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How to conduct an SEO SWOT analysis

Going back to business school basics can do wonders for your 21st century online marketing success.  Let’s break out…

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Recycled Content: Is your SEO provider doing you any favors?

Below is a random snapshot of an automotive site using a third party SEO…

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