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Paid Search Ads vs. Organic Search

So a friend of mine asked an innocent question.  What’s a paid search ad and where do they show up?

Well Shelley, this one’s for you 😀

The section highlighted in red are paid search campaigns.  Everything in green and below is organic…

A Story About Relationships & Linkbuilding

Here’s a good question about SEO and linkbuilding.  If you’ve been put in charge of your site’s link building strategy, how do you get people to link to you site?  If you’re an auto dealer, I’m 99.9% certain you have the same, mundane content as your competition.  What if you’re not an auto dealer.  Let’s say you run an ecommerce site that sells food online like steak, seafood, and beef. …

Analytics, SEO, PPC, or Social Media: Take The Poll

Website Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Marketing, or Social Media.  As an auto dealer, which is most important to your website’s success?  The bottom line question is this: which vehicle gets you the best ROI?

How A Ford Dealer Might Leverage OEM Content

If I was a Ford dealer, I would be leveraging content produced by my OEM as much as I could.  Here’s a situation any Ford dealer could take advantage of:

The Fiesta Project has produced a number of videos touting aspects of the new Ford Fiesta.  Its professional grade video.  All that needs to be done by a dealership is to put together a couple hundred words about the video, embed…

Local Search Issues With A Chevrolet Dealer

Here is an interesting issue with local search.  Local search results for [Kennewick Chevrolet] show Bill McCurley Chevrolet out of Pasco, Washington as well as Sherrell Chevrolet Inc. out of Hermiston,…

The Top 10 DOs & DON’Ts for Auto Dealers & SEO

There are many components and aspects to consider when implementing an SEO strategy for you dealership’s website.  Here are some good rules to follow:

Top 10 DOs for Auto Dealers & SEO

Thou shalt perform extensive keyword research before implementing or adjusting any strategy.
Thou shalt add your dealership’s address (in HTML) to every page of your site.
Thou shalt install and…

Social Media Sites Are Robbing You Of Link-Building Opportunities

If you don't join, you'll regret it for the rest of your life... :)

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr are excellent sites for uploading pictures and videos.  They make it very easy and user friendly to post and view great content.  Here’s the problem.  These sites are robbing you of building inbound links to your dealership’s website.

Here’s why:  Let’s say you’ve taken some pics of a 1967 Camaro with NOS.  Let’s…

How to conduct an SEO SWOT analysis

Going back to business school basics can do wonders for your 21st century online marketing success.  Let’s break out an old school SWOT on your dealership’s website:

Can you clearly identify your SEO strengths?
Can you clearly identify your competitor’s SEO strengths?
Can you clearly identify your SEO weaknesses?
Can you clearly identify your competitor’s SEO weaknesses?

Recycled Content: Is your SEO provider doing you any favors?

Below is a random snapshot of an automotive site using a third party SEO…

nTier Training Classes

nTier Training just released a listing of classes offered on their blog.  I just wanted to throw this out there for everyone.  They’re an excellent company offering training for Scrum, Agile, Java, and Spring…

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