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Two Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Be A Page and Not a Friend

As a business owner working hard to market yourself, you’ve taken a great deal of time and spent countless hours developing your Facebook marketing strategy.  What if tomorrow you woke up and found all that work gone? Deleted forever.

If you set up your business’s Facebook account as a “profile page” and not a “business page”, this WILL happen.  It’s only a matter of…

How A Ford Dealer Might Leverage OEM Content

If I was a Ford dealer, I would be leveraging content produced by my OEM as much as I could.  Here’s a situation any Ford dealer could take advantage of:

The Fiesta Project has produced a number of videos touting aspects of the new Ford Fiesta.  Its professional grade video.  All that needs to be done by a dealership is to put together a couple hundred words about the video, embed…

Social Media Sites Are Robbing You Of Link-Building Opportunities

If you don't join, you'll regret it for the rest of your life... :)

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr are excellent sites for uploading pictures and videos.  They make it very easy and user friendly to post and view great content.  Here’s the problem.  These sites are robbing you of building inbound links to your dealership’s website.

Here’s why:  Let’s say you’ve taken some pics of a 1967 Camaro with NOS.  Let’s…

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