How Department of Search Started

I think it officially started when I got sucked into doing search marketing in 2005. I was initially exposed to Google Adwords and then to search engine optimization. From that moment I was hooked. I dove headfirst into reading as much as I could about this fuzzy science and then as time went on, I even studied as much as I could about IR (Information Retrieval) and all the math that was involved.

As I continued with my passion of all things search, I also got sucked into real estate.  When you combine these two disciplines it can be fun because there is so much content to develop and deliver to people looking to buy or sell a home.

Where Department of Search Is Going

I see Department of Search continuing to develop content and find the best ways to deliver it to consumers.  I’ll also be adding the element of being an Inside Sales Agent (ISA) for real estate.  This will entail talking about strategies, disciplines, and even a bit of the sales process.

It’s taken a while, but I finally feel like I have something to talk about it and that it’s worth sharing.